About Us


Our Approach

Cutting grass can be a time consuming process it you are not using the right tools.  Grass Cutters Today have spent some considerable amount of time looking for and reviewing all type of Lawn Mowers.  What has resulted is this website/buyer guide.  The next time you need to upgrade or replace your current lawn mower, make your first stop here and check out our reviews to make sure you are getting the “Right Tool for the Job”.

Our Story

Like most companies, we started out with a problem and no real solution.  I need a new Lawn Mower, and every google search resulted in a daunting lists of mowers of all kinds and prices.  There was no one place I could go to get the information I was looking for, until now.  Grass Cutters Today was born from the search, I review and classify all of the lawn mowers I can find, so that you can find the information you need to make a smart decision when it comes to buying a lawn mower.